2 - Knowledge transfer between Universities and Business

2.5 - Participating in international transfer events


Sharing innovative experiences, observing trends, seeking alliances. Technology transfer events are extremely useful for establishing contacts with Companies and Universities as they provide the means for initial meetings and permit access to European networks, giving participants the possibility to express their ideas, identify potential partners, meet experts and find solutions to specific problems from a global perspective. Proactive participation in prestigious international transfer events enhances Innovation work as it can benefit from the experience and insight of highly qualified experts, and encourages access to international collaborative innovation networks.


I-Know (Graz, Austria)

This is one of the most important conferences dedicated to technology management and transfer issues and it provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of ideas to promote cooperation and improve competitiveness, Innovation, teamwork and the introduction of new technology. Organised by Austrian I-Know Centres, the conference brings together university researchers and Companies, with a shared participation of approximately 50%. I-Know is held in parallel with the International Matchmaking Event, which aims to achieve greater collaboration between Companies and Universities by promoting introductions, presenting new ideas to prospective partners and experts, and finding innovative solutions to specific problems. The participation of SMEs is actively encouraged.

The event is structured in various different phases. Firstly, participants register by entering their collaborative profiles – which should be as detailed as possible – in order to search for potential partners. Then the organisers publish and distribute the profiles among the participants, who can use a simple search procedure to make contacts depending on their business/research interests. Once the selection of the potentially most interesting candidates has been completed the matchmaking process itself begins with users being able to arrange meetings. A few days prior to the event, participants receive a schedule with all the meetings they have arranged, with a maximum of eight 30-minute sessions.

 University-Business Forum (Brussels, Belgium)

The University-Business Forum is a platform which brings together higher education institutions from EU Member States, Companies, business associations, intermediaries and Public Authorities to exchange best practices, discuss common problems and find solutions. In the last edition in 2011, the event was attended by some 400 delegates, including entrepreneurs, researchers and students, who participated in plenary sessions and thematic workshops. Activities are supported by a website which provides participants with the opportunity to exchange good practices and take part in ongoing debates.

Implementation process

Agents required for implementation

In terms of attending an organised event of the characteristics described above this recommendation is aimed at one or several Companies and Universities. If the parties are more interested in organising an event of this kind by themselves, it would require collaboration between several Companies and Universities, in conjunction with the Public Administration.

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