4 - Services, advice and consultancy

4.0 - Beginning


Support services to improve the Innovation process are still an important aspect of the work of both public and private bodies (for example, training facilities aimed at learning to develop a business model when forming a new company, or understanding the tax implications of R&D&i). They also must be designed to allow effective connection between Business and Universities. The demand for services of this nature, from both companies and research groups, remains high, even though the supply has increased over recent years. This is mainly thanks to the public sector and agencies such as the Spanish Network of University-Enterprise Foundations (ReDFUE), the Office Network for the Transfer Research Results (OTRI Network), the Science and Technology Parks and the Technology Platforms.

This can be inferred from the results obtained in the initial analysis of the REUNE project, which are outlined below, and reflect the interests of both parties in the development of short-term services.


Problems identified

  • Need to improve training in business management and awareness in the academic world.
  • Lack of coordination of Innovation support services.
  • Lack of skills in Innovation management.
  • Lack of user friendly databases to facilitate interaction.
  • Need for more interactive organisms between the Business and Academic worlds.
  • Lack of clarity about the role of intermediary organisms.
  • Need to develop more areas of interaction between Universities and Business.
  • Support activities by Universities undervalued.
  • Limited range of support services for Innovation.
  • Mainly focused on support services for the management of intellectual property.
  • Services aimed principally at the Universities rather than Business.


The recommendations included in this chapter are aimed at compiling support services identified by Companies and Universities in the study as providing the greatest added value and being oriented towards the achieving of innovative activities of mutual interest.