9 - Networks, clusters and technology parks

9.4 - Promoting specific collaboration systems between SMEs and large companies


The essential objective of this recommendation is to assist SMEs as they embark on the uncertain process of innovation by increasing access to larger companies with a more solid technological background and greater levels of modernisation. This will permit SMEs to establish links with larger companies with a view to working on joint projects whilst increasing their expertise and technological resources. The key to this form of collaboration lies in combining energy, talent, resources and knowledge to increase specialisation, efficiency and competitiveness in international markets.


Lahti Cleantech Cluster (Finland)

The environmental technologies cluster in Lahti (Finland) brings together regional organisations specialising in recycling, energy efficiency, water management and soil remediation, creating strong links between SMEs and large companies. Thanks to this initiative, its more than 200 members have become leading players in the sector and this has led in turn to greater diversification in the international market. SMEs in particular have seen a significant improvement in terms of their market position, with annual growth rates ranging between 5% and 15%.

The cluster has not only been an effective tool in facilitating interaction between members, it has also allowed for the development of partnerships and joint ventures with other clusters, technology parks, research centres and universities specialising in clean technology, leading to closed deals with private equity firms and Public Administrations. Thus, over the past few years some 20 new businesses and 170 jobs have been generated, attracting investment to the value of approximately €30 million.

Implementation process

Agents required for implementation

The implementation of this recommendation requires the participation of a group of companies.

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  2. http://www.lahtisbp.fi - Lahti Cleantech Cluster.