3 - Production and commercialisation processes

3.4 - Valorising knowledge


The valorisation of knowledge is one of the key aspects in the relationship between Companies and Universities. It is often the case that patents developed within academic institutions are not commercialised due to difficulties in their implementation or lack of funding, or because companies which have obtained unexpected research results do not wish to put them into practice. The purpose of this recommendation is to re-evaluate technology which has become obsolete for the Company or research group by providing both parties with information – such as market needs or opportunities – through a virtual showcase or market in which the available technologies are displayed.

This user-friendly and intuitive space would list the technology in question together with photographs, short descriptions, and detailed information about its practical applications (if a prototype exists). It would also feature a forum to allow users to ask questions, and make suggestions or comments. In many cases there are businesses or research groups which are interested in improving existing products which have not been as successful as was expected in the market, and this website could perhaps lead to requests to buy the technology involved or to collaboration agreements to improve the products.


The main objective of the Catalan Government’s 2010-2013 Innovation Plan was to concentrate the efforts of the agents involved in the Innovation System on reinforcing the valorisation of knowledge. Its main goals included:

  1. Incorporating the knowledge transfer mission to all agents.
  2. Making sure that public agents define the social and economic value of knowledge.
  3. Reinforcing the value of knowledge in financing instruments.
  4. Making knowledge accessible to everyone.

Implementation process

Agents involved in the implementation

The first recommendation (the technology market) could be implemented by a single company, although it would be more effective if implemented by a group of companies. Universities could also play a role in publicising the patents which have not been commercialised. Furthermore, the Catalonia initiative could be implemented by a group of companies working together with Universities.

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