3 - Production and commercialisation processes

3.6 - Setting up creative incubators


One of the most effective tools for bridging the gap between high scientific potential and low levels of business innovation are the so-called creative incubators. Businesses should play an active role in setting up these initiatives so as to create value, share knowledge and take maximum advantage of the available technology.


Technology Centre Incubator (Lower Silesia, Poland)

The key objective of the Technology Centre Incubator in Wroclaw (In Lower Silesia in Poland) is to provide a facility for businesses to interact with the academic world (University of Wroclaw, Technological University of Wroclaw and University of Health and Environmental Science of Wroclaw).

The incubator provides ideal conditions for business (large companies and SMEs), which allows them to develop and interact in a mutually beneficial environment. Amongst other services it offers good quality premises, laboratories and conference rooms. Each laboratory is run by a company which is based in the incubator and uses the facilities to help all its users so as to encourage the exchange of knowledge.

The incubator also helps companies to obtain finance for their business ideas by organising meetings and round table discussions with potential investors.

 Impulscentren (Styria, Austria)

During the last decade, the SFG (Styria Development Agency, Austria) has set up a network of technology parks, incubators and Innovation centres. They are available to resident companies to encourage and promote R&D&i. Currently, the publicly-funded programme supports thirty such impulse centres (Impulscentren), half of which are owned by the Innofinanz GmbH (a Development Agency).

The centres provide flexible facilities with the cutting-edge equipment latest generation equipment at competitive prices. They also have a multiplier effect with customers, partners and suppliers. Furthermore, the impulse centres present a common image, allowing participants to combine commercial initiatives, for example in trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences and technology platforms.

 Ruche CIEL y MITI (Nord-Pas de Calais, France)

Ruche CIEL, in the Nord Pas de Calais region (France), is another example of an incubator which focuses on the creation of innovative companies and has a proven record in personalised assistance for businesses and start-ups. The incubator is part of a French national network, which also helps to guarantee quality. The services offered include: low price rentals; assistance in initial design and setting up of companies, and help in terms of awareness of entrepreneurial skills.

The case of MITI is different. Its purpose is to accommodate and fund innovative young companies and assist them in commercialising their products. MITI is one of the innovative business incubators linked to public investigation which is financed by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, and its mission is to support the creation of innovative companies in conjunction with universities, research centres and government laboratories.

Implementation process

Agents required for implementation

The examples of incubators we have presented can be implemented by a single company or a group of companies in partnership with a University. Companies belonging to the CTA could take the initiative and present projects to the Public Administration in order to obtain co-financing for such activities.

The implementation of an initiative which is similar to Impulscentren involves providing the various existing incubators with a minimum level of services whilst building a network of incubators so as to enable shared management and exploitation of synergies, especially in terms of brands and collaboration. Making this recommendation a reality needs commitment by agents who are external to the Companies and the Universities themselves.

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