8 - Human resources policies

8.2 - Promoting new policies to encourage staff mobility


One of the most interesting ways to bridge the cultural gap between Universities and Companies is to develop a policy which encourages mobility among researchers so as to help them to increase their awareness about the specific needs and demands of both the academic and business worlds. To achieve this, programmes should be put in place to permit university researchers to carry out extended projects in the companies with which they collaborate (Job shadowing). This would allow researchers to interact not only with R&D&i departments, but also with those which are more focused on production and marketing, thereby broadening their skills and furthering their understanding of the business world as a whole. This arrangement would undoubtedly also be beneficial to the company since it would permit the incorporation of a valuable asset into their organisation. Similarly, the Company's technical staff would also benefit from working on a temporary basis in University facilities, using the equipment and resources to help with their research work.

 These research personnel exchange programmes enhance the management and dynamics of collaboration between Business and Universities.

Implementation process

Agents required for implementation

This recommendation can be implemented by an individual company or by a University.

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