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This web is the digital version of the REUNE Good Practices Manual, a book published by the Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía (CTA) which gathers together over 60 recommendations on internationally successful cases of University-Company cooperation. Good practices can be searched for by chapter (upper toolbar icons), or by way of a category search engine. Additionally, if you consider you are aware of a successful case of University-Company cooperation which warrants its inclusion in this manual, you can complete a brief suggestion form which our technical team will analyze.

This manual gathers the results of the REUNE Project which has been elaborated in collaboration with the Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI) and the BICG Consultancy in order to analyze successful cases concerning Universities-Companies relations at an international level with a view to detecting and studying some of the best practices worldwide.

In-depth studies were made in 16 regions of different countries 6 of which were visited to carry out personal interviews with the protagonists of the most interesting and successful cases: Massachusetts (USA), Oxfordshire (United Kingdom), Veneto (Italy), Nord Pas de Calais (France), Styria (Austria) and Karlsruhe (Germany).

Finally, 63 recommendations of classified tendencies have been elaborated in 10 chapters and explained by way of detailed record cards that give examples
of concrete cases and information on the degree of impact, difficulty and costs, as well as personnel needs, estimated time for executing each practice and who the agents necessary for its implementation would be. We trust that this invaluable information will be useful to your company, research group or entity in order to advance on the unavoidable path of collaboration between the productive fabric and the scientific world.



One of the fundamental pillars of knowledge-based competitiveness is the relationship between Companies and Universities. At present, no single public or private entity alone can generate all the necessary knowledge to create products, or innovative...