5 - The management of intellectual property protection

5.2 - Establishing specialised intellectual property advisory services in different technological areas


The innovative technology-based companies which are generating new ideas tend to be extremely small and lack expertise in intellectual property. As such, they need to obtain extensive knowledge of the international legal and judicial framework, as well as technical information which is specific to the field they are working in. The necessary services should not be limited exclusively to the protection of intellectual property, but also need to address the early stages of commercialisation so as to ensure that technology is adequately protected without compromising its use.


SIS Software Innovation en Oxfordshire (United Kingdom)

ISIS Innovation, an institution which is part of Oxford University, has developed a specific advisory service on intellectual property for the software industry. Intellectual property derived from copyright-subject software has been a huge growth area in recent years and ISIS Innovation has identified a series of common problems which are faced by software entrepreneurs when they try to protect developments and set up stable business models.

To overcome these obstacles, they created an operational unit specifically aimed at emerging software companies connected with Oxford University in order to facilitate the marketing of their services and products without the need for external funding.

The services offered by the unit include: business mentoring through meetings; advice on intellectual property and management; and assistance in analysing and dealing with confidentiality agreements. They also offer assistance in the identification of new customers and the establishing of contacts with third parties, thereby playing an active role in the early stages of the commercialisation of protected developments.

Implementation process


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