1 - Fostering collaboration between Universities and Business

1.2 - Designing a collaborative guide or manual


To remove the barriers caused by the differences between Businesses and Universities and mutually benefit from them, we recommend creating an information guide which compiles the main principles for coexistence in simple and accessible language so as to increase awareness and understanding between all agents. The main aims of any such document would be: compiling details of experiences and different activities carried out by organisations and Universities which have excelled in the establishing of good practices; providing comprehensive information including different forms of collaboration and guidelines for identifying and evaluating potential partners.

The compilation of a collaborative guide would be extremely useful for the various agents in terms of improving their professional and personal relationships. The text could be embellished with a set of collaboration guidelines co-designed by both parties with a field-specific thesaurus including terms such as "responsible cooperation", "research contracts", "open investigation", "intellectual property" or "confidential information".

The guide could be structured around themes or chapters such as: "Mutuality of interests"; "How to forge stable and strong relationships"; "Collaboration Strategies"; "Institutional aid in support of collaboration"; " Staff requirements and training"; " How to attain effective intellectual property", etc.


Guiding principles for University-Industry endeavours. (NCURA, IRI).

This document contains the guiding principles which should govern the relationship between the Universities and Business. It identifies the disparate natures of each agent, which – as the document itself emphasises – is precisely where we can find their most valuable qualities. The document advocates the establishing of long-term relationships to implement effective and durable projects. It also provides a number of solutions to solve potential conflicts which may arise.

Responsible Partnering- Joining Forces in a World of Open Innovation: Guidelines for Collaborative Research and Knowledge Transfer between Science and Industry. EIRMA, EUA, EARTO, PRO TON.

This manual is aimed at improving strategic collaboration and knowledge exchange between companies and research centres. It is conceived as an instrument to support the development of professional skills, finding effective assistance for the fulfilling of objectives, etc.

Implementation process

Agents required for implementation

The guide or manual for collaboration should be developed by groups of companies with extensive experience in the interaction with Universities, who wish to find new ways of overcoming cultural barriers.

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