6 - Financing

6.5 - Coordinating the funding initiatives search


It is increasingly common for the R&D&i departments of companies to dedicate a significant part of their time to finding external funding for their activities. This requires a highly specialised approach which involves continuously updating the information on proposals put forward by private and public entities for the financing of innovative business initiatives. If the Company operates in several regions and/or different sectors, the task becomes even more complicated. As such, the search for funds could be coordinated between a number of companies with shared interests, either because they operate in the same sectors or because they share a specific geographical location. This could be achieved by creating a joint unit which provides detailed information on bidding rules, guidelines for the completion of grant applications, budget estimates for the implementation and negotiation of contracts, basic information for the preparation of negotiations, legal information and advice, and assistance on a project’s accounting requirements, as well as any other relevant information concerning existing funding programmes. When creating these support units, it would be particularly useful to share efforts and benefits with Universities, whilst maximising the use of new information technologies.


Group of Research Funding Coordinators (Uppsala, Sweden)

The University of Uppsala has developed what are called Research Funding Coordinators who provide a service which seeks out funding and offers information on EU financing programmes and projects. The university trains staff to specialise in specific areas such as databases and publications specialising in funding and grants, public competitions, grant programmes, etc. The teams which complete the training process are then responsible for contacting offices which act as liaisons with the scientific community (Scientific Liaison Offices), research groups, foundations, ministries and any other relevant bodies connected with funding programmes. The Research Funding Coordinators operate through an information system which sends e-mail alerts to businesses with data on availability of grants, amounts of accessible funds, eligibility, dates of publication, application requirements, deadlines, etc.

Implementation process

Agents required for implementation

The choice of those responsible for finding sources of funding should be made separately by the universities and companies involved.

The site could be implemented by universities, although it should ideally be developed for companies by intermediary agents, if previously agreed by both parties. If they find this initiative to be of considerable interest, companies could devise a co-financing model jointly with the agents, the Public Administration, and Universities.

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